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As part of the CROPS® group, The International Special Training Facility for Covert Operations has been a trusted provider of professional surveillance and intelligence gathering programs since 2011 to Domestic & International Defence, Special Forces, NATO SOF, Law-Enforcement and Allied Government Agencies, we do not provide our training solutions or covert technical innovations to the private sector.

– Training Solutions –

ISTF-CO are focused on working alongside small teams enhancing their covert capabilities within complexed urban and rural environments.

By ‘up-skilling end users’ with specialist techniques, tried & tested tactics and operational planning & procedures, we add significant value to our client’s mission effectiveness.

Based in Hereford at a discreet location sits our award-wining training facility which hosts a fully immersive secure learning environment with specifically equipped classrooms & workshops.

ISTF-CO is an enabling platform which allows our subject matter experts to exchange their end-user knowledge to those who select to train with us.

– Covert Technical Innovations –

As an innovative company, we are continually scanning the horizon for emerging technologies to develop operationally, fit-for-purpose covert Non-Attributable Technical Solutions [NATS].

Our NATS technologies are developed in-house by ‘area specific’ engineers to cover a wide spectrum of intelligence gathering devices for cost effective and deniable applications.

For over a decade ISTF-CO technical cell has conducted research, development and consultancy to our clients in order to manufacture mission tailored covert innovations.

ISTF-CO are proud of it’s own intellectual property which we blend with our training solutions.

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Due to the nature of our business we do not openly give full access or disclosure to our ‘complete capabilities’.
Our Secure Site is a fully interactive digital platform that is accessible only to those who work and operate within professional remits.

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