CROPS® International Special Training Facility - Covert Operations

Training Programs

Our training programs cover a wide spectrum of Low-Visibility & Covert Surveillance Procedures which are only delivered to Domestic and International Defence, NATO-SOF, Law-Enforcement and Allied Government Intelligence Agencies. It is important to note that we do not deliver our training programs to the private sector.

All of our programs are developed by operationally proven trainers with a solid underpinning of real-time knowledge and experience, delivering methods and procedures deployed by todays expeditionary small teams in covert environments.

As a professional company proud of its own intellectual property and covert innovations, which allow us to develop new procedures and unconventional solutions that are filtered into our ever-evolving training programs, this evolution is what keeps our programs current, relevant and ‘operationally fit-for-purpose’ in today’s modern mission environments.

By integrating our own products and equipment which are designed to enhance and support Surveillance & Collection activities, increases team capacity building and solutions to missions that at first may have appeared unachievable.